Why are koi fish so popular – What do they signify?

In most Japanese cultures, koi represent a material and spiritual abundance or advancement. Koi fish are always at ease in the water, flowing as the tide runs deep under water.

Feng shui, a spiritual form of organization and placement of objects, says that having the spirit of the koi near you will attract good luck, fortune, and spiritual benefits. And nurses try to achieve a sense of balance in the sometimes chaotic hospital environment with koi scrubs.

Working in the health care industry, scrubs are the very first impression you can make toward a patient. For most people, visiting the hospital or doctor’s office is a stressful and uncomfortable part of their day. By wearing in your favorite scrubs adorned in unique patterns and colors, your appearance automatically transforms. Imagine having a talking point with your patient about your scrubs – they may ask you why you chose a particular pattern. Instantly, the mood shifts from nervous and quiet to curious and warm.

Colors Make an impact

Each koi has a particular significance in Japanese culture based on its color:
Gold Koi: Wealth, prosperity, growth.
Kohaku: This common color pairing, red and white, represent career success. It can also mean love and compassion.
Ogon: The platinum koi signifies business success and material wealth in career.
Ochiba: This unique blue and yellow koi represents the change of seasons and transition.
Butterfly koi: This flowing koi signals elegance, beauty, and harmony.

Naturally, whichever uniform you choose is special and personalized to your taste. Whether you adorn with colors, sparkle, animals, or stripes, it will always catch a patient’s attention. Maybe your favorite animal is a tiger, so your tiger stripe scrubs mean more than your daily work attire. Did you know that the meaning behind your choice can impact much more than just your closet? Many patterns have meaning and symbolism that can reflect your outlook on life and potentially your personality – not to mention your figure. Get curious about your scrubs and your choices behind them.

Koi Scrubs Signify Strength

People like koi scrubs for their calming influence, coolness, and naturally beautiful appearance. Koi fish are elegant creatures that seem to dance as they swim through the water. Many people believe koi fish originated in Japan, however, the earliest recorded appearance of koi fish came from China. There is even an old tale of a vigorous koi fish that overcame rough tides to reach an honored Dragon’s Gate where it was blessed into a dragon god. Talk about overcoming hardship – like many of the nurses and practitioners do on a daily basis.