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SunSun CQP-18000 Eco Pond submersible pump 18000l/h 315W


• SunSun Eco Pond Pump CQP-18000
• Watercourse Pump, Pond Filter Pump
• Max. pump capacity up to 18000l/h – 315W
• Max. delivery head 6.2m

Immediate dispatch, 
available within 2-3 business days*

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Product Description

The SunSun CQP-15000 Pond Pump 18000 l/h with 315 Watt is one of the pumps with the highest efficiency on the pond market.

Comparing the power consumption of the CQP Pond-Pump Series with other pond pumps, you will notice that the trend to save energy was correctly identified and implemented. Pond Pumps are always in continuous operation, every Watt savings is a relief for every budget.

Sample calculation:
5 watts less consumption mean 43.8 kWh less annually; you know your current price.

Streaming / Fountain / Filter pump

In order to prevent an overflow of the pond filter in conjunction with these strong pumps, we recommend using a Y-Adapter. Used as a By pass, an additonal stream can be supplied. You also could use the by pass to operate another clarifier or filter.

The capacity of the pond pump must be necessarily adjusted to the size of the pond filter. Any oversized flow rate will result in an overflow of the pond filter which is to be prevented at all costs. Moreover, you should take into account the pond´s circulation cycle as well as the period of time of the pond water in the pond filter.

According to the type of usage, the ideal circulation cycle depends on different factors: the fish population, aquatic plants, the quantity of sunlight or the desired water clarity. It goes without saying that, as the case may be, there are further components of the filter circuit that are to be coordinated, if necessary.

The following information may serve you as a guideline:
Koi pond / Fish pond:
• 1 cycle per 3 hours
• 2 circulations in 1 hour (without plantings and with large fish population)

Garden pond / Plant pond:
Regarding a pond without fish, there is less circulation necessary. One circulation in a day can be taken as a guideline in order to enrich the pond water with oxygen and to keep the water in constant movement.

Swim pond:
In this case the circulation cycle is highly dependent on the planting and the individual claim.
The upper limit is to be made at 1 x in 2-3 hours, the lower limit at “no circulation”.

Cleaning of the pond pumps:
In order to ensure a proper function of the pond pumps it is indispensable to clean them regularly.
SunSun has created the housing so that you don’t need any tools to open it (no screws).
With just one handgrip, you can pull the pump out of it.


Dimensions 275 x 152 x 165mm
Input voltage 220VAC ~50Hz
Power 315 W
Hose connection Ø / Inch 19 mm (3/4 Inch) / 25mm (1 Inch) / 33 mm (1 1/4 Inch)
max. Delivery rate 18.000 l/h
Delivery Head 6.2m
Pump Equipment Asynchronous engine Ceramic axis