0.8-HP Chiller & Heater Combined – Suitable for 300-5000Litre water capacity


Thank you for selecting KoifishIndia Nishikigoi Koi pond or swimming pool heating and cooling chiller unit four your Aquarium/pond/pool , it will chill and heat your pond or pool water and keep the constant temperature when ambient temperature at -15 to 42 °C.

In order to offer qualified, reliable and flexible heat pump unit to our customer, please read this manual carefully before installing, operating and troubleshooting, then process accordingly.

Heater & cooling with reverse circle defrost. R32 refrigerant gas

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Product Description


Installation illustration

NOTE: The factory only provides the heat pump unit. Other items in the illustration are necessary spare parts for the water system which are to be provided by users or installers.

Important notices:
■ Please always keep the heat pump in a well ventilated place and away from anything which could cause fire.

■ Do not braze or weld the pipe if there is refrigerant inside machine. Please do not charge the gas when in a confined space.

■ Please always empty the water in heat pump during winter time or when the ambient temperature drops below 0℃, or else the Titanium exchanger will be damaged because of being frozen, in such case, your warranty will be lost.

■ Please always cut the power supply if you want to open the cabinet to reach inside the heat pump.

■ Please keep the display controller in a dry area to protect it from being damaged by humidity.

■ Action of filling gas must be conducted by professional with R32 operating license.

(1)You should check the water supply system regularly to avoid the air entering the system and occurrence of low water flow, because it would reduce the performance.
(2) Clean your pools and filtration system regularly to avoid the damage of the unit as a result of the dirty of clogged filter.
(3) Keep the HP unit dry, clean, well-ventilated and always clean side of the heat exchanger which can maintain a good heat exchange and energy saving.
(4) Only a qualified service technician is allowed to operate pressure of the refrigeration system.
(5) Check power cable connection, if heat pump start to operate abnormally, you should turn it off and contact with qualified technicians.
(6) You should discharge the water from water pump and other water system, to prevent from the freezing damage on winter seasons.
(7) You should discharge the water from bottom of water pump if HP unit will stop running for a long time. In another way, you should check the units thoroughly and fill the system with water fully before the unit start to run again.

Limited warranty

We guarantee that all parts are free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. ( please amend it according to acual) The warranty covers only
material or manufacturing defects that prevent the product from being able to be installed or operated in a normal way. Defective parts will be replaced or repaired.
The warranty does not cover transportation damage, any use other than what is intended, damage caused by incorrect assembly or improper use, damage caused by impact or other error, damage caused by frost cracking or by improper storage.
The warranty becomes void if the user modifies the product.
The warranty does not include product-related damage, property damage or general operational loss.
The warranty is limited to the initial retail purchase and cannot be transferred and it does not apply to products moved from their original location.
The manufacturer’s liability cannot exceed the repair or replacement of defective parts and does not include labour costs to remove and reinstall the defective part, transportation costs to and
from the center, and all other materials necessary to carry out the repair.


Warranty does not cover failure or malfunction as a result of the following:

• Lack of proper installation, operation or maintenance of the unit in accordance with our published “User’s Guide” supplied with the unit.
• The workmanship of any installation of the unit.
• Not maintaining a proper chemical balance in your pool [pH level between 7.0 and 7.4. Free
chlorine between 0.5 – 1.5 mg/l. Total dissolved solids (TDS) less than 1,200 ppm. Salt maximum 8g/l]
• Misuse, alteration, accident, fire, flood, lightning strike, rodents, insects, negligence or unforeseen actions.
• Scaling, freezing up or other conditions that cause insufficient water circulation.
• Operation of the device without complying with the published minimum and maximum flow specifications.
• Use of non-factory authorized parts or accessories in conjunction with the product.
• Chemical contamination of combustion air or improper use of water care products, such as the supply of water care products upstream of the heater and the hose or through the skimmer.
• Overheating, improper wiring, improper power supply, indirect damage caused by the failure of O-rings, sand filters or cartridge filters, or damage caused by running the pump with inadequate
amounts of water.


Limitation of liability
This is the only warranty provided by the manufacturer. No one is authorized to make any other warranties on our behalf.
This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and saleability. We expressly disclaim
all liability for consequential damage, accidental damage, indirect loss or loss related to a breach of the expressed or implied warranty.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, which may vary by country.


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