We began our journey in 2007 when Ashfaq Shariff founded KoifishIndia Nishikigoi in Chennai-India and now decades later our business serves koi lovers all over India.

KoifishIndia Nishikigoi is the largest importer and distributor of high quality Japanese Nishikigoi in the India.
it’s an art, a science, and a lifestyle which make us take this hobby to next level and expand in India. We are honored to share our Koi of knowledge as we serve koi lovers all over India.

Raised with care, love, and the highest quality food

Our koi are raised with care and love. Fed the highest quality koi food in similar conditions to the Niigata region. Niigata is where selective breeding of carp began when it was noticed that in adapting to the harsh winters of the region, some were born with beautiful colors colors such as red, yellow, and even patterns.

Our Nishikigoi have excellent color with the type of unique features that are sure to add beautiful new patterns to your pond.

Company Philosophy

Strive To Be The Best

Our mission is to be the India’s number one Japanese Koi company

Promote Happiness

We promote happiness and pleasure to people all over India

Be Respectful & Have Fun!

Our motto – Be respectful. Be responsible. Have fun

We Offer Healthy koi
We are dedicated to koi health and use a strict quarantine system
I always stressed the importance of koi health. After buying koi from only trusted breeders, our new koi arrivals would spend three weeks in quarantine under careful examination.

Just as we need to trust the home and care that our koi receives, you need to trust the quality of the koi you purchase. At KoifishIndia Nishikigoi, we put our best efforts to ensure our koi are safe and healthy before sale.